Welcome to HoneyWoods Camping.

At HoneyWoods Camping, we create beautiful woodland events and camping weekends throughout the UK, brimming with woodland activities, music, good food, fires foraging and friends.

We organise these events to encourage adults and children to reconnect with nature, find their voice, rediscover the art of play and become a part of a community of like minded people. We believe that when families get together in the heart of nature, amazing things happen.

Our events are designed to encourage you to let go and explore the magic of nature, inviting you to leave your daily lives behind, and spend an enchanted weekend exploring, creating memories and learning everything that the wild has to offer. Bringing in local businesses and knowledge, our weekends are always unique and inspiring.

We work closely with our network of creative, intelligent, socially aware individuals, from musicians to woodsmen (and women) to bushcraft instructors, forest school leaders and culinary geniuses. We work with generous woodland owners all over the country; HoneyWoods can pop up anywhere at any time.

HoneyWoods Camping…

…is not a flat manicured field with marked out plots, hook ups for campervans, daily bleached shower blocks and strict no-fire no-noise rules. Far from it.

We work in woodlands all through the UK to create special events; from secluded, isolated forests far from towns and cities, to easily accessible woodland clearings with lakes.  The possibilities are endless.

Our weekends bring together all kinds of creative people for a short time in the woods and after we have finished exploring,  we aim to leave the land in the same – or even better – condition than when we arrived. Everyone has something to contribute, whether it is music, cooking, foraging expertise or just helping out with the campsite.

When you arrive at HoneyWoods, you can help shape and create the event, and explore the woodlands while you are with us. Through learning and collaborating we aim to encourage all of our guests to respect our environment and look after it for future generations.

HoneyWoods camping can pop up anywhere over the summer, so watch out for news of where we will be next… Although we know a few things for certain; there will be cider, there will be fires, there will be music, there will be friends.

Join us in the Woods.



Join us in the woods

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