Storytelling Course with Lisa Kenwright

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Storytelling workshop and performance with Lisa Kenwright.

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The incredible Lisa Kenwright, storyteller, will be joining us in the woods at the Tortworth Forest Centre for a very special day of tales under the trees.

We will begin the day with a storytelling workshop, as Lisa shares with us the traditions that have been gifted from one generation to the next since memory began.

We then turn towards the fire for a fantastic vegetarian shared feast cooked for us before our very eyes.

And in case we are still not yet sated – we will then hear stories from Lisa while we relax under the incredible trees in the arboretum.

This is truly a one of a kind opportunity, and we are very pleased that Lisa is able to share this with us.

Join us for a day of sharing, listening, learning, and deepening our connection to nature and our place in it.

This is a women-only event.